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NUJP on HB 4807


NUJP on HB 4807

The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines urges the authors of House Bill 4807 to withdraw the measure and members of the House of Representatives to vote it down should they fail to do so.

While we will concede that the measure, also known as “An Act to Provide Protection From Personal Intrusion for Commercial Purposes,” may have been filed with all the best intentions in mind, it poses an all too real threat not only to freedom of the press but on the very right to free expression.

The bill’s avowed aim, to “curb acts of trespassing and other intrusions on personal privacy committed by any person in order to capture visual or sound impressions of an individual, with intent to gain or profit,” is overly broad as are the provisions that list the ways by which violations may be committed.

We agree that people are entitled to privacy and, in fact, the Constitution guarantees as much, in all matters that are personal and have nothing to do with the public interest.

But the measure’s intent is so broad it is likely to be used as another weapon for the criminal and the corrupt to escape accountability should it become law.

That the measure would punish even “the fact that no visual image, sound recording or other physical impression of a person was actually sold for gain or profit,” makes it even more insidious.

We are sure that the authors of the bill know only too well that media outfits are essentially “for profit” enterprises. But the institutional media aside, the measure could end up stifling citizen journalism and even simply taking pictures or videos for personal pleasure.

In an era where technology is quickly breaking down the obstacles that hamper the flow of information and expression, which are the bedrock of democracy, HB 4807 could return us to the dark ages and worse, be used as a weapon of suppression and repression.

While at it, we are equally disturbed at how the bill has swiftly made its way through the legislative mill to be approved on second reading without any of the sectors its passage would impact on informed about it, much less invited to discuss its implications.

The authors of the bill and the House of Representatives as a whole would do the nation a truly great service to the nation and the Filipino people by discarding this and any similar legislation and instead pouring their energies into passing and enacting the Freedom of Information bill.


Rowena C. Paraan




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A Concert Ticket

Here’s a concert ticket I designed wayback 2007.  These designs were implemented also, like the Abu Dhabi youth poster I posted previously.





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KKTK Abu Dhabi Activity Poster

The first poster is my revised version of the second poster below.



Our animator in the office, Bro Bart , told me to make a poster for a certain youth group in Abu Dhabi.  I said Ok right away because I had been learning graphic design at that time.

He said that the youth group’s activity poster needed a lot of improvement.  When he showed it to me, I didn’t have anything to say but to agree.

In the Philippines, “psssst…” is a sound that you make to call attention.

“Kabataan ka ba?” in English is “Are you a youth?”

I am not an expert in graphic design but after I saw the poster they made, my mind was racing for different ways on how to redesign it.

The first thing that I did was revising its text.  There was no need for the “Pssst…Kabataan ka ba?”  Having a very good design is enough to attract attention and make the youth read the poster.

Then I thought of using objects to represent the three different activities.  I made the redesign and asked suggestions from Bro Bart and our graphic design artist Bro James. Both of them taught me a lot on the principles of design.

The second poster above was designed dreadfully.  We were glad, however, when it was sent to us for redesign.  And very glad that they knew it needed a redesign and asked for help. #

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“Try” – 1minute film

“Try” – 1-Minute Film from Robert Bolisay on Vimeo.

This is the experimental 1-minute movie that I made for a certain filmmaking group.

When we were told to make our first project for the group, I ended up choosing this concept. This is very me; a real expression of myself. I have been trying to play a musical instrument.

I tried the piano, guitar, organ, flute, and for a day, a violin.

Though this is only a minute length film, I did a lot of pre-productions. That includes the growing of my mustache and beard. I planned to have them bushier but I would be late for the film uploading deadline if I would wait for them to become thicker and shaggier.

I prepared the kind of clothing I would use. I was thinking to buy new clothes but decided to use unpressed old clothes instead. I had to buy the mini-tripod for the low angle shots. I had to buy the microphone foam for my H4N audio recorder. And…I had to buy the piano. No, just kidding.

I did the production very early in the morning while everyone in the house were asleep, especially the kids.

We have 6 hyperactive 1- to 5-year-old kids in the house. I had to finish filming before they get awake. Else, I would need to deal with those cute little ”twisters”, who surely would love to pop their heads in front of the camera; yell on my audio recorder; and violently tap on the piano.

These are some of the equipment I used in this video production:

Samsung TL105 point and shoot camera, Zoom H4N, regular size and mini tripods, mic stand, and ARRI lights.

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Running Again

While a person is sick, even as minor illness as colds and fever, he keeps on making promises that he’ll do things for a better health after recovery.

Exercise, eat healthier foods, avoid junkies.

I have had those promises when severe colds and fever put me to bed for about 3 days.

One of the things I had in mind to make my immune system stronger is to get back in running.  The severity of colds that may affect me could be lesser if I have a stronger system.

When I was a teenager, I was an active runner.  I forcefully pulled myself out of bed at 5am and started running alone towards the neighboring village where I see other runners..

Since teen-years my running has been very very seldom.  There were even several years that I never run.

Recently, I’m trying to get back on running shoes again.  I’ve chosen the 3km workout to start with.  It wasn’t an easy run as I thought.  For a newly comeback runner like me, crossing the 3km finish line is a drudgery.

I felt quitting on my first 500 meters.

Aside from the stronger immune system, the need for a healthier heart for my aging self is giving me a push to finish the run.

I have only 3 runs in total for the time being.  Here’s my beginner’s run stat:

1st Run
Distance  3km
Duration  23’55’’
Pace  7’54’’ /km
Calories  168

2nd Run
Distance  3km
Duration  22’18’’
Pace  7’22’’/km
Calories  168

3rd Run
Distance 3km
Duration 21’25
Pace 7’06’’
Calories 168

My stat has a slow progress, but my goal is to start easy until I can finish this 3km workout half of its current duration.

(Image credit:  “Jogging man by Iwan Beijes, Netherlands)

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The Ol’ Tobacco Warehouse

“The Ol’ Tobacco Warehouse” – Originally built by the Lorillard family, sits on the upland of Empire-Fulton Ferry Park, just north of the Brooklyn Bridge, and just south of the Empire Stores. Together, these landmark 19th century warehouses are vivid reminders of the shipping activity that once defined the downtown Brooklyn waterfront.Constructed in the 1870s as a tobacco customs inspection center, and saved from demolition in 1998, the roofless rooms of the Tobacco Warehouse provide one of the most compelling public spaces in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation repaired and stabilized the Warehouse in 2002.

The total size of the Warehouse is approximately 25,000 square feet, offering an 18,000 square-foot, column-free footprint.

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Philippines Strong Wind

A Filipino resident braves strong winds blowing trash at a community in Manila, Philippines, 13 January 2011. The Philippines is one of the countries that suffer the most from extreme weather events, which exact a high death toll and economic losses, a study by an international think tank said. Germanwatch, a climate and development organization, said the Philippines ranked 10th among countries when it came to exposure and responding to severe weather caused by climate change. The Philippines, a country of about 94 million, sits on the earthquake-prone Ring of Fire. It is also on the path of typhoons that form in the western Pacific. The country is visited by about 20 storms every year. – Photoville International

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2012, a new year but little changed than years past in the murder of media workers in the Philippines.

The gunmen who attacked Christopher Guarin, publisher of the General Santos City-based Tatak News, Wednesday night made sure he was dead. They shot him at least five times in the body and once in the head, ambushing him as he drove home with his wife and nine-year old daughter, and then chasing him down as he tried to flee.

Guarin was the first journalist murdered in the Philippines this year, less than a week into the New Year.

He joins the long list of murdered Filipino journalists – 150 since 1986, 10 of them under the Aquino administration – all of whom continue to cry out for genuine justice. For, in the 10 cases that have seen convictions, only those who pulled the trigger were punished. No one who ever gave the order to kill a journalist has been convicted.

His death is a stark reminder that impunity in the country remains very much alive, fostered by the glaring lack of inaction, even apathy, by government, belying President Benigno Aquino III’s pledge of justice and respect for rights in his quest for “tuwid na daan.”

We demand that Mr. Aquino unequivocally order all concerned agencies not just to arrest and ensure the conviction of Guarin’s killers, including the masterminds, but also to – on pain of sanctions – end all extrajudicial killings and ensure justice to the victims.

Unless you do, Mr. President, the blood of Guarin and everyone else, past, present and future, for whom justice is denied will ever stain your hands.


Nestor P. Burgos Jr.
NUJP Chairperson



We, members of the press in General Santos City, condemn in the strongest possible terms the senseless and defenseless assassination of colleague Christopher Guarin who was murdered in the presence of his wife and daughter Thursday evening.

We are alarmed and appalled over the brazenness of the attack that further reinforced the prevailing culture of impunity.

We urged police authorities to immediately pursue, apprehend and prosecute the assailants and identify the masterminds behind the killing.

We want police authorities to extend their investigation to cover all the other killings in the city.

We are saddened by the growing reputation of General Santos City as the most dangerous place for journalist in the country today with over 20 members of the press already killed since 1986, including 14 who perished in the Ampatuan massacre.

We do not want to believe there is an ongoing campaign to eliminate us from our profession but until these heinous crimes are solved, we cannot help but be outraged.

Let the killings stop.

Stop killing journalists.






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Mindanao Deluge

[Warning: This post contains some graphic images.  Viewers discretion is advised.]



Filipino soldiers patrol against looters at a village that was devastated by rampaging flood waters in Iligan City, southern Mindanao, Philippines, 23 December 2011.  More than 1,000 people are still missing in devastating floods that already killed at least 1,080 in the Philippines, the Office of Civil Defence said.  Rescuers continued to recover bodies from the seaside villages of the worst-hit cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan, said Benito Ramos, the agency‘s administrator.




A Filipino flood victim’s baby rests on top of relief clothes inside an evacuation center in a village that was devastated by rampaging flood waters in Iligan City, southern Mindanao, Philippines, 23 December 2011.


A Filipino villager walks past a ruined house in the village that was devastated by rampaging flood waters in Cagayan De Oro City, southern Mindanao, Philippines, 21 December 2011.


UNTV-37 conducts feeding program outside a temporary evacuation center in a village that was devastated by rampaging flood waters, in Cagayan De Oro City, southern Mindanao, Philippines, 20 December 2011.



An aerial view of areas affected by flashfloods in Cagayan de Oro City, southern Mindanao, Philippines, 19 December 2011.  Authorities rushed drinking water and body bags to two southern Philippine cities devastated by floods caused by a tropical storm that killed more than 650 people.  Coffins were in short supply and funeral parlours unable to keep up with the mounting death toll in the cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan, where 552 people died, according to the national Red Cross.


Filipinos view bodies of flood victims at a village that was devastated by rampaging flood waters, in the town of Jassaan, Misamis Oriental province, southern Mindanao, Philippines, 19 December 2011.




Filipino flood victims walk on top of logs washed ashore at a village that was devastated by rampaging flood waters in Iligan City, southern Mindanao, Philippines, 22 December 2011.


Filipino flood victims sleep under an elevated road at a village that was devastated by rampaging flood waters in Cagayan de Oro City, southern Mindanao, Philippines, 24 December 2011.





Filipino flood victims reach for goods during a relief distribution inside a temporary evacuation center in a village that was devastated by rampaging flood waters, in Cagayan De Oro City, southern Mindanao, Philippines, 20 December 2011. Nearly 43,000 of the displaced population are staying in cramped evacuation centres that lack facilities, while some have been forced to beg for food on the streets.



Filipino soldiers and the MMDA (Metropolitan Manila Development Authority) work together in the rescue operation.























UNTV-37 News And Rescue conducts feeding program outside a temporary evacuation center in a village that was devastated by rampaging flood waters, in Cagayan De Oro City, southern Mindanao, Philippines, 20 December 2011.





















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Maguindanao Massacre 2nd Anniversary – “Addressing the culture of impunity”



November 23, 2011 would be the 2nd Anniversary of the infamous Maguindanao Massacre, the senseless shooting to death of 58 innocent civilians made even worst by the outrageous desecration or mangling of their bodies dumped in mass grave. Sad to say, the most gruesome murder case of this century is now languishing in a protracted court trial for two years already without clear end in sight. The Maguindanao Massacre which claimed the lives of 34 journalists among the hapless and helpless victims was the single deadliest event for journalists in history making the Philippines the second most dangerous country for journalists, next only to Iraq.


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