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KKTK Abu Dhabi Activity Poster

The first poster is my revised version of the second poster below.



Our animator in the office, Bro Bart , told me to make a poster for a certain youth group in Abu Dhabi.  I said Ok right away because I had been learning graphic design at that time.

He said that the youth group’s activity poster needed a lot of improvement.  When he showed it to me, I didn’t have anything to say but to agree.

In the Philippines, “psssst…” is a sound that you make to call attention.

“Kabataan ka ba?” in English is “Are you a youth?”

I am not an expert in graphic design but after I saw the poster they made, my mind was racing for different ways on how to redesign it.

The first thing that I did was revising its text.  There was no need for the “Pssst…Kabataan ka ba?”  Having a very good design is enough to attract attention and make the youth read the poster.

Then I thought of using objects to represent the three different activities.  I made the redesign and asked suggestions from Bro Bart and our graphic design artist Bro James. Both of them taught me a lot on the principles of design.

The second poster above was designed dreadfully.  We were glad, however, when it was sent to us for redesign.  And very glad that they knew it needed a redesign and asked for help. #

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