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“Try” – 1minute film

“Try” – 1-Minute Film from Robert Bolisay on Vimeo.

This is the experimental 1-minute movie that I made for a certain filmmaking group.

When we were told to make our first project for the group, I ended up choosing this concept. This is very me; a real expression of myself. I have been trying to play a musical instrument.

I tried the piano, guitar, organ, flute, and for a day, a violin.

Though this is only a minute length film, I did a lot of pre-productions. That includes the growing of my mustache and beard. I planned to have them bushier but I would be late for the film uploading deadline if I would wait for them to become thicker and shaggier.

I prepared the kind of clothing I would use. I was thinking to buy new clothes but decided to use unpressed old clothes instead. I had to buy the mini-tripod for the low angle shots. I had to buy the microphone foam for my H4N audio recorder. And…I had to buy the piano. No, just kidding.

I did the production very early in the morning while everyone in the house were asleep, especially the kids.

We have 6 hyperactive 1- to 5-year-old kids in the house. I had to finish filming before they get awake. Else, I would need to deal with those cute little ”twisters”, who surely would love to pop their heads in front of the camera; yell on my audio recorder; and violently tap on the piano.

These are some of the equipment I used in this video production:

Samsung TL105 point and shoot camera, Zoom H4N, regular size and mini tripods, mic stand, and ARRI lights.

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