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Running Again

While a person is sick, even as minor illness as colds and fever, he keeps on making promises that he’ll do things for a better health after recovery.

Exercise, eat healthier foods, avoid junkies.

I have had those promises when severe colds and fever put me to bed for about 3 days.

One of the things I had in mind to make my immune system stronger is to get back in running.  The severity of colds that may affect me could be lesser if I have a stronger system.

When I was a teenager, I was an active runner.  I forcefully pulled myself out of bed at 5am and started running alone towards the neighboring village where I see other runners..

Since teen-years my running has been very very seldom.  There were even several years that I never run.

Recently, I’m trying to get back on running shoes again.  I’ve chosen the 3km workout to start with.  It wasn’t an easy run as I thought.  For a newly comeback runner like me, crossing the 3km finish line is a drudgery.

I felt quitting on my first 500 meters.

Aside from the stronger immune system, the need for a healthier heart for my aging self is giving me a push to finish the run.

I have only 3 runs in total for the time being.  Here’s my beginner’s run stat:

1st Run
Distance  3km
Duration  23’55’’
Pace  7’54’’ /km
Calories  168

2nd Run
Distance  3km
Duration  22’18’’
Pace  7’22’’/km
Calories  168

3rd Run
Distance 3km
Duration 21’25
Pace 7’06’’
Calories 168

My stat has a slow progress, but my goal is to start easy until I can finish this 3km workout half of its current duration.

(Image credit:  “Jogging man by Iwan Beijes, Netherlands)


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