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Why is Ang Dating Daan Boycotting GMA News and its Network?

by Robert Bolisay

When the Members Church of God, International (MCGI) decided to boycott the GMA Broadcasting Network, the public raised the question “why?”  MCGI is more populary known as the Ang Dating Daan group on account of the long-running multi-awarded TV program of Bro. Eli Soriano.  Incidentally, Bro. Eli is the respondent to the case that Case Unclosed of GMA 7 and 11 choose to discuss.

The ADD members are also Filipino citizens who have the constitutional right to boycott.  There is not a single law violated.

It is an exercise of freedom in a democratic country.  Nothing is wrong with that.

The ADD group which has chapters nationwide (and abroad) have decided not to tune in to their television on GMA Channel 7 totally.  That includes Channel 11 which is also owned by the GMA Network.

They are simply expressing our grievance upon the re-airing of the episode Case Unclosed (CU) program in the said station.  The group believes that the presentation was biased and unfair.

The CU episode tackles the rape case filed by a dismissed member of ADD for filthy living against the leader of the group, Bro. Eli.  The case had been earlier dismissed for lack of evidence.  It is again being heard in the court of law, as filed by a former Secretary of Justice.

It was first aired in 2009 and replayed recently this month, August 3, 2011.

The host (Arnold Clavio) in the episode interviewed the accuser and witnesses from the prosecution side.

They showed the accuser’s side only.

GMA-7 allowed it to be broadcast last 2009 and allowed it again recently, which is a clear violation of a rule of court on the cases that are presently being heard: the sub judice rule.

According to the Supreme Court decision on Nestle Philippines vs. Sanchez,

“The sub judice rule restricts comments and disclosures pertaining to judicial proceedings to avoid prejudging the issue, influencing the court, or obstructing the administration of justice.  A violation of the sub judice rule may render one liable for indirect contempt under Sec. 3 (d), Rule 71 of the Rules of Court.  The rationale for the rule adverted to is set out in Nestle Philippines v. Sanchez:”

The 1997 Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 71 Sec. 3(d) says,

“(d) Any improper conduct tending, directly or indirectly, to impede, obstruct, or degrade the administration of justice;”

McMillan Dictionary defines sub judice as “being considered by a judge or in a court and some details of it cannot be discussed in public.”

That certain rule is not difficult to understand with the guidance of a lawyer and by carefully reading the references.  Case Unclosed of GMA-7 clearly violated this rule.

The episode even had re-enactments of the accuser’s side of the story!

Being a giant network, it is not fitting to think that GMA-7 is in the dark about certain rules of court that makes the episode unfair and biased to be aired and re-aired.

The “why?” question should have been directed to GMA-7 instead.  Why did you broadcast the episode?  Are you not aware of the rule of court on sub judice?

The TV Network tried to sound fair when they said that they tried to get the side of the respondent.  They did not get anything, however, from the respondent.

Here is another “why?” question for GMA-7.  Why would they still insist on an interview with the respondent?  Didn’t they know they cannot discuss the case on the basis of sub judice?

In the Case Unclosed format, it is inevitable not to talk about the merits of the case once Bro. Eli grants an interview.

Of course, the respondent would mention some details of the case to defend himself.  If not, what did you expect to talk about in the interview then?

What they have done is a trial by publicity.  Without any information from the side of Bro. Eli, they still broadcast the episode for the second time.

The CU episode is very much biased.  After watching, it can give clear conclusion to tele-viewers that the respondent is already guilty of the crime.

This public pre-judgment from what maybe the impact of the program is what the ADD group sees as needing to be corrected.  It needs nothing less than boycotting the TV network.

The boycott protest of the group is in fact a soft one.  They could even go out of the streets to rally against GMA-7.  They are citizens of this democratic country and they have the constitutional right to peaceably assemble to express their grievances in accordance with Batas Pambansa Bilang 880, “The Public Assembly Act of 1985,” an act ensuring the free exercise by the people of their right peaceably to assemble and petition the government and for other purposes.

The group chose instead a more peaceful one: boycott at the most peaceful level devoid of public rallies.

It is  a simple and peaceful protest form against GMA-7 and its sister station.  No violent act is made.  They simply deleted Channels 7 and 11 from their  TV programs.

The case is still in the court of law.  Let the respondent defend himself in the proper venue, and not on GMA-7 program.  Together with its sister station, GMA-7 has just prejudged Brother Eli in the public eye. #


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29 Responses

  1. Nel says:

    To the blog owner: how interesting it is to see a Christian disapprove a feedback that exposes their hypocrisy when it comes to loving one’s enemies, which EVERY Christian should do, isn’t it? Feeling Guilty? Does it hurt to hear someone quote 1 Corinthians 4:13 which most Christians today, irrespective of church and denomination do NOT put into PRACTICE? It seems as if there are NO true Christians left nowadays who APPLY Biblical Principles and The Faith long established by Christ has been reduced into nothing more than HEAD-knowledge, DEBATES, ARGUMENTS and DOGMA. Empty. Simply Empty. Go ahead, disprove this one too. Thank you and GOD BLESS.

  2. Nel says:

    Very Christian. So much for APPLYING 1 Corinthians 4:13 We appeal gently when evil things are said about us. Yet we are treated like the world’s garbage, like everybody’s trash–right up to the present moment. (NLT) I Am SO Blessed by seeing such “GOOD” Christian Example.

  3. mac-mac enriquez says:

    GMA only cares for their profit, profit and profit alone, they disregards the TRUTH, the LAW and RESPONSIBILITY…

  4. Veronica Alonzo says:

    GMA-7 sucks!!! Arnold clavio sucks too!! sino ba ang kinikilingan nyo?
    BOYCOTT GMA’-7…..

  5. arron12s says:

    talagang dapat lang maramdaman ng GMA na hindi tyo pa aapi pagdating sa KATUWIRAN……

  6. i-Boycott ang mga Bais na Network Tulad ng GMA7 at Qtv11
    mga May kinikilingan, Unfair na Network

  7. Ken Shin says:

    dapat lang na e-boycott ang tv station na yan! may pinuprotektahan mga yan.

  8. rodel says:

    dahil sila’y may kinikilingan, kinatatakutan at pinoprotektahan…

  9. joselito orlina says:

    ka c nga naman nalalagpasan na ng”gud am kuya”ang “unang hirit”kaya kailangan ipaalala lagi ang isyu kay bro. eli.parang di nakatrabaho ni arn arn c bro daniel.nakakalungkot naman.

  10. Sana wag kayong mging sinungaling sa taong bayan!!! ibalita nyo ang tama!! hindi yung maling balita

  11. Pls. Repost in our blogsite in Tungkab.


  13. REY B. LABINDAO says:


  14. Mccoi d great says:

    di ba na exercise din ng lahat ang abuse sa democracy? kaya nilubos lubos na din ng GMA ang kanilang right.. even the air discussion about beliefs.. inabuso na din.. nandiyang magmurahan sa air? so asan ang injustice doon?
    clear enough that both side has taken immeasurable things.. both are clearly taking and abusing the rights.. so what’s the fuss? boycott is an act of rebellious mind kasi hindi lang nagustuhan ang isang side. siempre.. ganun naman talaga.. pag ayaw.. boycott.. pag gusto.. pakinggan.. alangan namang pakinggan ang ayaw.. i close ang gusto.. sstupidity right? sorry for the terms.. pero ang totoo.. pag may pera.. puedeng takpan ang batas.. ganun lang kasimple.. kahit grade 1.. kayang sagutin yan.. si LORD naang bahala diyan.. sasabihin may kapatawaran? si LORD na ang bahala diyan..lumuha ka man ng dugo.. hanggat hindi ka humihingi ng tawad mismo sa taong ginawan mo ng mali.. hell is for those who wants to cover up the true justice… dun na lang tayo magbabasehan… peace bro and sis!…

  15. vickers says:

    no one is above the law , and so is the Big Tv station like GMA7

  16. anailujgnaoangam says:

    dapat ….BOYCOTT gma7 ang qtv 11 nagbabalita sila at nagbibigay ng comment one sided lang yun papabor lang sa kanila… beside nagpapataas kasi lang sila ng rating alam nila pag si br. eli ang ibabalita nila panonoorin ng tao….

  17. Ariel Tobias says:

    We don’t stop until justice prevails! We seek fairness. If our minister grieves everyone of us grieves.

  18. Adik Radio says:

    Dapat lang i-Boycott. injustice kasi!!!

  19. It is obvious that there is a connivance here between the host of the progam (Mr. AC) and the accuser, because they belong to one ‘notorious’, corrupt, and very influecial clan (.or sect) and protects the “interest” of the same, no matter what it may be. It is also interesting to note that the station GMA 7 is dominated by the clan’s members (upto the top post), so how can one battle such a one-sided situation, except to boycott the station, so their viewership will suffer? How will the owner or the Board of the station react to these case if they happen to learn about it? (Or is he also a member of this clan?) …just reacting….to the mess.

  20. realidad says:

    ..sana magpa interview si bro eli para mag kalinawan na ang lahat.

    • choymusni says:

      ano naman po ang sasabihin niya eh bawal sa kanya magsalita tungkol nga dun sa issue nung kaso. pwede kasi siya ma-contempt of court. dapat po ay malinaw na sa atin ito.

    • jmata060200 says:

      magpapainterview, e macocontempt of court nga. hindi nga pwede idiscuss ang merits ng kaso, is that hard to understand? kung gusto nyo magpainterview, baguhin nyo muna ang batas at tanggalin nyo yung sub judice na yan. sumunod tayo sa batas na pinaiiral. wag maging lawless ang maraming Pilipino.

  21. Tama lang na iboycott ang GMA7 dahil ginagamit nila ang ere para sumira ng tao. At ipangagalandakan p n wlang kinikilingan , walang pinoprotektahan at pawang katotohanan lang????? Mahiya naman kyo! for claiming na hindi nman totoo! e yan plang slogan nyo pawang kasinungalingan na!
    Biased kyo sa pagbabalita! lalo ka n Arnold Clavio! It’s too obvious di b na meron kang pinapanigan!

  22. baka naman po may involve na pe . . .per . . ., personal gain, si arn arn po? malaki po ang kita nyan, kita nyo naman po, bilog . . . . . . .ang ulo nya.

  23. jun a. says:

    Injustice can be done in so many forms.

  24. will de asis says:

    Ganyan nman ang mga yan pero kpag nasabit hihirit ng freedom of the press di baleng wlang freedom para s ibang tao basta may freedom of the press.

  25. victor michael says:

    latest GMA 7 slogan!

  26. toni mari besmonte says:

    yes absolutely..
    i think bro.eli and behalf of kapatid is boycoting it bec.of der lov for bro.eli..hus standing for the truth and clear and true message of god towards people..and its very unfair that they only have 1 side of the story..but i know that bro.eli is not that angry but greatful for this happening..its onli goes to show that bro.eli can forgive like the ones god said..godbless and long live for kapatids of MCGI(Ang Dating Daan)..and the thing that we can do is to pray for everyones soul..

  27. kotawinters says:

    “Being a giant network, it is not fitting to think that GMA-7 is in the dark about certain rules of court that makes the episode unfair and biased to be aired and re-aired.”

    Yon nga! Para pong hindi sila nag-aral kong ano dapat ang role nila sa publiko eh!

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