The freedom to write.

The Third Seatbelt

Safety First

We were rolling at 5.40 pm for a seven-hour drive.

Much shorter than our previous land travels, which usually take us twelve to eighteen hours.  A cross-country, cross-state drive, eh?

We were seven in the van.  All men.

The “Stupid Love” of Salbakuta was playing to “serenade” us.

The next cut in the DVD was “Ewan” by the Apo Hiking Society.  It brought us back in time, in a particular place.

Our eyebrows were raised when the next song was played.  It was like a typical song played (or sung) in nightclub while a stripper is starting to strip.  Cut it out!  That’s reminiscing in different form.  We laughed it out.

Stupid Love, Ewan, and that stripper song.  A shuffled playlist.

It kept the driver awake somehow.  That made me glad because he was doing 145kmh;  I was in front not wearing seatbelt.

Three of us were in front, but there were only two belts.  Why did Renault put three seats in front and just two seatbelts?

There was a slideshow on my mind of the several ways on how I would smack on the windshield in case we would meet a head-on collision.

I might be like a squashed cockroach.

Hmm…windshield shatters on collision.  I might not crash on the windshield.  One slide showed I had smashed on Peterbilt 379’s stainless grilles instead.  Worse than being squashed; would be like a grated potato instead.

If car makers won’t put a third seatbelt, put at least an eject button next time.

(image by: jimhdesign’s) image cropping, mine.



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