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Rebellion Case is Wrong

Why is there a need to file a case of rebellion against the Ampatuans when they are “so friendly” with the government?

The Ampatuans are Mrs Arroyo’s closest political allies in Mindanao, according to the New York Times and The Australian.

One of the grounds in declaring Martial Law is rebellion, an arm uprising against the government.  (The definition of “rebellion” is now becoming subjective, though.)

There is no arm uprising against the government from the Ampatuans.

Is the filing of rebellion just to justify the Martial Law declaration in Maguindanao?

The filing of the case is wrong, according to Dean Amado Valdez of the University of the East (EU) College of Law.

The Department of Justice must focus on the murder case against the Ampatuans and make sure that justice, real justice, will be served. #

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